Selected Works of Art

Banc of California Monument (2017)

World renowned architectural firm, Gensler Design, refers artist Jake Janz for a corporate monument to be designed and installed as the center piece out front of their beautiful remodel for the Banc of California Headquarters in Santa Ana, Ca.  Janz worked with Gensler and Howard Building Company in bringing this sculpture to fruition. Installed and unveiled in April, 2017.

Ben Carlson Statue (2016)

In honor of the Newport Beach Lifeguard Hero, Ben Carlson, who sacrificed his life to save a swimmer in distress, Janz donated 2 years of time and effort into creating the 9 ft tall stainless steel statue to memorialize the Ben Carlson. Janz discribes this piece as the most meaningful work of his career as Carlson was his brother-in-law (Wife, Stephanie Janz's, brother). Celebrated by thousands in the community of Newport Beach and beyond The #BenCarlsonStatue was unveiled at the Newport Beach Pier on July 6, 2016.


Watch the Ben Carlson Statue Unveiling


Kobe Bryant Statue (2016)

This piece was designed in reaction to Kobe Bryant's retirement from his legendary 18 year career in the NBA.  Please visit our Instagram page to see the reaction and excitement expressed by fans on the day that this was posted. 

The final size and location for this piece are yet to be determined.