Photoshop is part of my daily work. Whether enhancing details of a luxury product, or removing strands of hair from a models' portrait, photoshop empowers us to treat any image just as imagined. 


All clean graphics start with vectorized art files created in Illustrator. I have nearly 15 years of experience using this tool on projects from logos to marketing materials, to building patterns and apparel designs. Illustrator is another core tool that I use on a daily basis. 


Much like photography, typography can either make or break the essence of a brand. As human beings we can all recognize beautiful and elegant typography, but it takes a well trained eye to understand it and finesse it to that point. 


I picked up my first camera in college 10 years ago and I have been a student of the art ever since. By hobby I always carry a camera to capture my wife and kids wherever we go, but professionally I shoot product in studio for print and digital catalogs. Personally I strive to capture a tight focus with a shallow depth of field, but professionally I am all about the sharpest image possible. 

3D Digital Sculpting

I am currently in the middle of digitally sculpting what will become a 9 ft stainless steel statue. Through technology, I am working in an application called Z-Brush, which is much like Auot-Cad for sculptors. This software will render millions of polygons which will become transferable data that will render a 3D print. This print will then be used as a maquette and ultimately will be enlarged and cast to full scale of the final piece of art. 

Art Direction

Art direction takes a leader with the talent to not only envision and understand a client's needs, but it also demands the ability to delegate and execute projects amongst creative team members to achieve the project goals, at the highest quality, and on schedule. As an AD over the past 5 years I have proven myself to successfully manage a number of high caliber print and digital projects on tight schedules from start to finish.

Business Development

With over a decade of experience working on a wide range of client-facing projects, I've developed  the ability to not only communicate through design, but also through the power building strong relationships.