The Artist

Jake Janz is a visual artist who specializes in large scale figurative sculpture. He received a BFA in Communication Arts from Otis College of Art & Design, in Los Angeles (2005), and has been a commercial designer as well as a privately commissioned artist ever since.  Although he enjoys creating artwork through many mediums including both digital and traditional forms,  it has been his most recent work as a sculptor that combines all of his abilities and has overtaken his passion. 

Janz currently works and lives in Newport Beach, Ca. with his beautiful wife and their two boys. 


Creative Process | Artistic Innovation

Jake Janz Fine Art has been recognized by principles in the design industry as incredibly innovative and one-of-a-kind. He has been celebrated by respected art critics and appointed arts commissioners, as well as by everyday spectators who have described his sculptures as beautiful and iconic works of art. 

Janz's creative process starts in the digital realm where he renders his subjects in 3D through robust software applications. From there he exports high resolution digital files which are machined by engineers into full-scale, high-quality foam figures. Once the foam is cut and formed together, Janz sculpts with his hands refining all details at scale prior to the final phase of the production process, which is the lost wax casting, patina and polishing.  

Currently Janz is working on private commissioned sculptures as well as corporate commissions for public spaces. If you are interested in seeing more about his process and current works in progress see more here.