Welcome to my website. My name is Jake Janz and I am an artist / designer / photographer based in Newport Beach, Ca. 

For the last 15 years I have been a professional creative working in the visual design industry. More specifically over the years I have worked in marketing, advertising, product design and social media. I am currently serving as the creative director for a digital agency called Noble where we build brands, launch campaigns, create social media engagement and deliver marketing strategy for our clients brands to thrive.

Outside of Noble I am proudly helping drive the Ben Carlson Foundation, a non-profit organization that is close to my heart. I am also currently designing the Ben Carlson Memorial Statue which has recently received a unanimous vote from the Newport Beach City Council to be installed near the Newport Beach Pier in early 2016.

Beyond work I am blessed to be married to a beautiful woman who supports all of my ridiculous ambitions and has given me a beautiful family. We have two amazing little boys and we currently reside in Corona Del Mar, Ca.


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